TC World Ltd looks forward to an exciting 2015

TC World Ltd is on a high after a successful 2014, which was peppered with accolades, new clients and campaigns that were challenging.

With the new year bringing new clients and diverse products and services to be marketed, there is much to do. All the teams in every city with a TC World office are ready!

Here’s wishing all a very successful year ahead from all our talented people from Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Preston, Leeds & Nottingham!

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TC World Ltd heads to the Celtic Manor Resort

It is September and time for the UK & ROI Owners Meeting. The meeting will be at the Celtic Manor, which recently hosted dignitaries from all over the world for the United Nations Conference, no less!

Every TC World Ltd office from all over the UK will send attendees to the meeting to learn more about the business.

Here’s a shout-out to all the lucky delegates!

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TC World Ltd, for building and developing an illustrious career

Launch an illustrious career in marketing by joining a leading sales and marketing company in the UK.

TC World Ltd, with offices in Manchester, London, Preston and Liverpool, looks forward to recruiting new people who are keen for a great marketing career- these are the job details:

  • Applicant must be 18 years old or above
  • No prior experience, or essential qualifications any
  • Must reside in the UK – Manchester Area

Required skills:

  • Excellent Communication/Interpersonal Skills
  • Goal Orientated
  • Outgoing Personality
  • People and Team Skills
  • Quick Learner
  • Self Motivated

To be noted:

  • There won’t be any sponsorship for non-EU citizens
  • The right applicants would be given ample travel opportunities

For more details on job positions, please contact: 0161 242 7951 (Tel)

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TC World Ltd for targeting and attracting new customers to business

The marketing specialist “TC World Ltd” represents some of the biggest brands in the world; through contemporary direct marketing concept and different business growth strategies, the company has been effectively promoting brands and acquiring new customers for their clients.

TC World is growing at a fast pace, exploring new markets and expanding into new territories. This is what some of the clients have to say about our widely acknowledged firm in the direct marketing sector…

“The ability to be able to tailor a message to the individual customer, through your unique ‘Human Commercials’ was something we had never come across before. The number of new customers flooding into our business on a daily basis was incredible, far greater than any other form of advertising.”

“The marketing activity undertaken over the past year has enabled our charity to grow beyond all expectations. Our donor base has increased by over 30,000 new subscribers in a remarkably short period of time, generating much needed additional funds, thank you.”

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Sales Programmes that focus on learning and development

TC World Ltd has its sales programmes focussed on learning the basic skills necessary for success in the Sales and Marketing Industry.

This programme is ideal for candidates new to the work force or for people simply looking to gain some experience. The company has a set of specialists in Client Representation and have a proven method for developing the necessary skills all carried out in a fun learning environment. The coaching includes sales techniques, customer service (including awareness of body language and tone of voice) and team-work. Additional skills developed include time management, presentation skills, public speaking and best business practice.

The Sales Programme doesn’t require any previous experience and allows greater flexibility than the Business Development Program with limited responsibility for the candidate, but benefiting from the learning environment.

Take up the opportunity offered by the experienced hands at TC World Ltd and become field representatives who have clear, articulate, verbal communication skills.

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TC World Ltd updates its marketing skills through training

TC World Ltd updates the marketing and interpersonal skills through the training and development programmes.

The first lesson taught is the lesson of sharing ideas. Yes, the team encourages the sales perosnnel to speak up and share their experiences in a common platform where all the members gather. This sharing culture helps the top officials to understand the calibre of sales representatives and nurture their marketing skills.

With comprehensive business development programmes and career concentrated systems in place right from the beginning, it is no wonder that the team has been very successful in creating a niche for itself in the competitive direct marketing arena. The scope of a brand in the market is well identified by the sales perosnnel and communicated in the best possible manner.

As a direct marketing company that has evolved and grown over the years, TC World Ltd keeps on introducing innovative strategies to market the products at the best possible way which is a by -product of the strong backup from within the organisation.

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TC World Ltd works out the best business models

TC World Ltd brings in the apt business models for its clients and renders very sharp marketing solutions with best of expertise and effort put together. The business models that touch international standards just keep the company ahead of others competing in the direct marketing industry.

With several business initiatives with an innovative approach to find comprehensive solutions to satisfy their clients and their customers, the company gives way to excellence. The team believes in perfect action plan and that performance should be consistent. Its when performance is consistent then return on investment will increase automatically. This ensures that they cater the best service to their clients along with high return on investment. The company is confident of its success and thrives to keep things on track on a long-term basis.

TC World Ltd concentrates on products and closely monitors what is in demand. The innovative techniques introduced for a particular business segment focus on the actual demand for the product and the company leaps ahead of every other competitor in the market.

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